I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) last year. When I look back on my life, many things suddenly make a whole lot more sense now that the factor of autism is part of the equation. But one thing confuses me. I’ve spent the time since my diagnosis voraciously reading up everything I could find about the condition, both personal stories and clinical descriptions. And so often, I find descriptions of problems and situations that are familiar to me – but explained in ways I can’t relate to. Stories that make me want to shout “No, that’s not why that person did that! This is not what Asperger’s Syndrome is like! That’s not how we think!” I’m struggling to figure out if what I’m shouting is right. Is what I’m reading really a misunderstanding of AS – or is it just not what I’m like? Am I such an unusual aspie that I can’t explain Asperger’s Syndrome through my own life story? Or am I simply getting sidetracked by psychiatrists’ misunderstandings of aspies’ attempts to explain the unexplainable?

I’ve created this blog to explain what AS is when I’m the person who has it, and to explore how that’s different from the other accounts I’ve found. My hope is that in the process I’ll get closer to figuring out what AS is to aspies as such. I encourage everyone interested in the condition to read along – I’ll try to make it interesting (and comprehensible) for specialists and general readers alike.


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